Custom Cakes

Italian Sponge Cakes

Italian sponge cakes are soft, fluffy and moist cakes filled with Custard or Ricotta fillings. Due to their soft texture they do not suit tiered cakes where the cakes are touching each other. They must be transported and stacked separately. This style of cake will have a gap (small or large depending on taste) between tiers and will have a visible cake drum showing supporting each individual cake. Due to the filling options Sponge cakes MUST be refrigerated and are not well suited for being on display for long periods of time. 


Rum, Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Mocha, Black Forest, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Tiramisu, Ricotta or Marble


Butter Cake

Butter cakes are a dense rich cake that is similar to a pound cake. These cakes are well suited for stacking, carving and covering with fondant. Because of their stability we are able to get a much cleaner, crisper fondant finish and cakes can be stacked directly on top of each other with proper support. Filling options are flavoured butter creams and layers of jams or ganache can be added. Butter cakes are best when enjoyed at room temperature so they are well suited for being on display for events.


Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Marble, Lemon, Carrot or Spice



Sicilian Cannoli

Always the freshest filled, made with house airy deep fried cannoli shell with ricotta filling.


Traditional (vanilla ricotta filling with chocolate chips and candied cherry garnish), Chocolate Dipped (traditional filling with chocolate dipped shell and chocolate chip dipped ends), Salted Caramel (salted caramel ricotta, ribbon of salted caramel inside and chocolate drizzled shell), Nutella (nutella ricotta with one side dipped in couverture chocolate flakes and the other in candied toasted hazelnuts), Oreo (crushed oreo ricotta with chocolate cookie crumb garnish) and Espresso (espresso ricotta with a gold glazed espresso bean garnish)


Peaches, Rum Baba, Ciardoni (seasonal), Venetian Cannoli, Strawberry Bigne, Brownies, Gluten Free Brownies, Cherry Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Rum Cake, Tiramisu, Vanilla Squares, Sfogliatella, Butter Tarts, Pecan Butter Tarts.


Mini Pastries 

Venetian Cannoli, Bigne, Chocolate Bigne, Long Bigne, Rumballs, Cupcakes, Mini Peaches, Sicilian Cannoli and Flavoured Mini Cannoli